Shikamo is the only African company that provides technical support to political parties and individual to win elections. Political advisory services have largely been sought from Europe and North America with Africans assisting in providing local services as support. Shikamo prides itself as services dedicated to providing services in Africa.


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Shikamo’s experts are focused on providing you with services on running a winning campaign.


We operate in sub-saharan Africa, with our office in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Shikamo’s main goal

We aim to improve the quality of competitive politics by supporting parties and their leaders to:

  • Engage citizens in a more meaningful way;
  • Use data to construct meaningful conversations;
  • Create a campaign that talks to issues;
  • Provide solutions that create change and win over voters ahead of the polls.

By using the tools we have, Shikamo can help you achieve your goals.

We are Shikamo

Shikamo Political Advisory and Campaigns Services is an African-focused Advisory firm. We provide the solutions and insights that will ensure your political party’s success in an election.

We specialise in advising and training candidates and parties in running and managing campaigns.

The Shikamo team has over 40 years of combined political campaign experience in Africa, Europe, Latin America, and Asia. 

We provide customised advisory services for companies looking to invest in Africa by using our continent-wide networks with various governments and political parties.

Shikamo has an expert team who provide clients with easy to understand, data-driven insights in African investments, with a focus on risk assessment and mitigation.

Shikamo helps its clients to operate within the legal, policy, and political frameworks at national, regional, and continental levels.


We seek to provide African political parties with the tools and expertise of running effective winning political campaigns.

Shikamo believes a solid campaign is achieved by data-driven analysis which informs strategy and how one engages supporters. An effective strategy will develop tools ,mode and messages of targeting voters in a campaign.