Shikamo is the only African company that provides technical support to political parties and individual to win elections. Political advisory services have largely been sought from Europe and North America with Africans assisting in providing local services as support. Shikamo prides itself as services dedicated to providing services in Africa.


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Mr. Glen Mpani is a democracy and governance practitioner who has worked in various capacities for the last 15 years in Africa. His areas of interest are in representative democracy, with special interest in political campaigns, political party development, local government, parliaments and elections. He previously worked for the Public and Parliamentary Support Trust (PAPST), building the capacity of Members of Parliament for them to be more responsive to their constituents. Glen was awarded a Fredskorpset Fellowship to work with regional parliaments in Africa based at the Institute of Democracy in Southern Africa (IDASA). He later joined the National Democratic Institute (NDI) as a Programme Officer, focusing on elections in southern Africa. Glen also worked for the Africa Transitional Justice Network (ATJRN) as Regional Coordinator based at the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR), focusing on transitional justice in Africa. He later joined the Open Society Foundations Network, where he managed the democracy and governance programme for the South Africa (OSF-SA) and Southern Africa (OSISA) foundations. He worked as Africa Regional Programme Officer based at the Open Society Foundations in New York. Glen was also part of a research team that set up the first study of all parliaments in Africa – the Africa Legislatures Project (ALP), based at the Democracy and Africa Research Unit (DARU) at the University of Cape Town.

Glen’s work over the years has exposed him to working with state and non-state players at national, regional and international levels. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Africa University, and graduated with an Honors and a Master’s degree in Democratic Governance from the University of Cape Town. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.